Ash Redfern





Hair Color


Eye Color

Multi-Colored (They change depending on his mood.)


Lamia Vampire


Jade Redfern-sister Kestrel Redfern-Sister Rowan Redfern-Sister


Mary-Lynette Carter

First Appearance

Secret Vampire

Ash is discribed as looking like a very lazy cat. He has ash-blonde colored hair and eyes that change color depending on his mood a trate he inherrited from his ansestor Maya, the first lamia vampire. Ash has appered in numorus Night World tales, more than any other character. He has appered in , Daughters of Darkness, Dark Angel, and Soulmate. He will appere in the upcomming novel and conclusion to the series Strange Fate.

Secret Vampire

In Secret Vampire Ash Redfern is introduced as a sneeky, bad-boy. He first appears In Poppy North's dream while she is being turned into a vampire. Ash is wearing a mask with the face of James Rasmussen, his cousin and also Poppy's soulmate. In the dream he tells Poppy that 'Bad magic happens" and then dissapears.

Later when Poppy wakes up and is staying in James's apartment he finds Poppy knowing nothing of the dream. He kidnappes poppy telling her that if she stays with James the Night People will hunt him down and kill him. Poppy, not wanting to hurt james, goes with Ash to Las Vegas.

In Vagas Ash takes Poppy to his cross-kin witch family Thea and Blaise Harman. Poppy feeds on Thea, who remains oblivious to the fact that Poppy is an illigal vampire. Blaise however is suspisious and tells Ash about the Solstice party at Thierry Descouedres's house. Ash says no to the party knowing Thierry would dispose of Poppy. Insted he takes Poppy to the Volcano Hotel where he tried to put the moves on her. Poppy, disgusted, tells Ash of the Soulmate Principal and how she will always love James and no one else. Ash reconising defeate decideds to take her to Thierry's party to turn her in.

Before he can do so He is ambushed by James and Poppy's brother Phil. James forives Ash and tells him "Someday you'll fall in love with someone, and it's going to hurt." Ash pays the advice no attention and goes back to the party, promising to never tell about the Night world about James and Poppy.

Daughters of Darkness

In Daughters of Darkness Ash's part begins with him having a conversation with a made vampire named Quinn. Quinn is telling Ash that his sisters Rowan, Kestrel, and Jade have run away from home and that Ash has to persuade them to go back. Ash decides to make a tab of all the people his sisters have met to see how well they are managing to keep their Night World secrets.

Ash is next seen at Mary-Lynnette Carter's house questioning her Step-Mother. Mary-Lynnett then questions him in turn. Not wanting her to get suspisious Ash tryed to flirt and dazzle Mary-Lynnett. He tickles her under her chin but the skin-to-skin contact shockes them both and Mary-Lynnett kickes him in the shin. He leaves the house planning to never see her again.

But Ash's wishes don't come true when he meets Mary-Lynnett on her way to go star-watching. She bosses him around and shows him the sky threw her binoculars. He pays attention but doesn't seem to mind being bossed around by Mary-Lynnett. He leaves her and goes to spy on his sisters.

Mary-Lynnett and her brother Mark preformed a kinship seremony, now knowing everything about the Night World and its laws, and are back in the girls' house trying to fighure out who killed the girl's Aunt Opal. Ash sneeks into the house and is found by the Carters and the sisters. He telles them he knows that the Carters know all about the Night World. He tells them he didn't kill Aunt Opal and he doesn't know who did. At this point a goat from the barn out back is thown onto the front porch and the children inspect it. The goat had been staked over and over with tiny peices of wood and in the gaots mouth is a black iris. The kids thing it represents the Black Iris Club, a vampire club that welcomes various members from the Night World. Ash also belongs to this club.

The next morning the sisters, Ash, and the Carters go into town to ask the local gas station employee, Jeremy Lovett if he saw anything suspisious the previous night. Marry-Lynnett, who had been friends with him since childhood, figured out that Jeremy was accualy a werewolf. Ash knows this too and verbaly abueses Jeremy, as werewolfs are considerd second class in the Night World. This P.O.s Mary-Lynnett and she pulls Ash behind the gas staion to tell him so. She says she is embarassed that Ash can say those predjuest things to Jeremy and Ash realises he cares what she thinks about him. He stops with the werewolf jokes.

Ash and the sisters realize that they need to hunt so they go and Mary-Lynnett and Mark play List the Suspects to determan if they have a lead on who killed Aunt Opal. Ash and the sisters return and Mary-Lynnett decides to clear her mind by going star-watching. Ash joins her and Mary-Lynnett leads them to a descrete place. There Ash asked her if they can stop fighting and admits he loves Mary-Lynnett. Mary-Lynnett is in denile until she kisses him and askes to be made into a vampire. They do the first exchange of blood and head back to Aunt Opal's but they are cut off.

Mary-Lynnett's Station Wagon caught fire and was blowing up so the decide to walk back when Ash is hit in the head with a club made of yew wood (wood hurts and kills vamipres) and is knocked out. Mary-Lynnett is tied up by Jeremy who reveals that he was the one who killed Aunt Opal. Mary-Lynnett gets free and killes Jeremy with a silver knife. She checks Ash who is lucrid and the both go back to the house.

Quinn returns and Ash covers for the whole thing saying his Aunt betrayed Night World Law so he killed her and that he found a rough werewolf and killed him too. He also says Rowan, Kestrel, and Jade had only run away because they wanted to learn to hunt. Since Ash is head of the family on the west coast he says the sisters can stay there as long as they like. Quinn acceps his story and leaves.

But there's still Mary-Lynnett. She says she's not as ready as she thought she was to become a vampire. Ash also realizes that his past is too dark for him to be with Mary-Lynnett. He leaves telling her that he will make up for all of his falts before he returns.

Dark Angel

Ash is first seen in this story when Gillian Lennox (a lost witch) wanders into the Black Iris club. The goons of the night world there are about to kill Gillian because they don't believe her when she says she is a daughter of Hellewise. Ash grabes her from behind and leads her out of the club telling her to not come back because the Night People will kill her. When asked why he doesn't kill her Ash tells her about meeting a human girl the pevious summer. Gillian obays Ash and goes back to her car.

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