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Thea Harman (Cousin); Grandma Harman (Grandmother); Redfern Family (Bloodbonded)


Circle Midnight

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Secret Vampire

Blaise is a character in The Night World series. In her past she made boys fall in love with her and then she would break there hearts. For this she mostly used magic. For this it caused Blaise and her cousin to move around a lot. Before her cousin Thea went away, Thea asked Blaise to stop toying with boys hearts. It's thought she kept her promise. Blaise is a direct descendent of Hellewise. She has three cousins, Thea, Gillian and Iliana.

Described By Other Characters Edit

"Blaise looked beautiful and deadly, which wasn't her fault. She always looked that way; it was part of having smoldering gray eyes that and hair like stopped smoke." - Thea

"Blaise reeled in guys just by being. It was the glorious dark hair, the smoldering grey eyes ... plus a figure that could stop traffic on the freeway. Curves galore, and clothes that emphasized every one. On another girl it have been too much, but on Blaise it was just breathtaking. Guys who thought they liked the waif look dropped everything to follow her just as fast as guys who thought they like blondes." - Thea

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