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Mai Is Me Mai Is Me 3 November 2011

New Admin!

I have recently been givin Admin and bureaucrat rights. I have changed the background and added some and have added new features like, polls, Top 10 list, Achievements, Layout builder, Article Comments, Category Exhibition, Labs, Chat and Expanded Wiki Navigation. Try to get anyone who may be interested in this wiki to contribute .If do not like some of these new features or background or have a better background don't hesitate to contact me!!! ♪Mai Is Me 04:24, November 3, 2011 (UTC)

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Gabby Trigg Gabby Trigg 25 September 2011

More About Me: Youtube & TV


Above All That Is Random-Christina & Sarah (1, 2, 3, & 4)


The Key of Awesome

ASDFmovie (1, 2, & 3)

---don't really have any but i frequently watch---

iCarly; Victorious


Wizards of Waverly Place

My Babysitter's a Vampire

So Random

& I think I like this series so far since the beginning is good: The Secret Circle

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Gabby Trigg Gabby Trigg 24 September 2011

Hey! Wanna Know More 'Bout Me?

Favorite Books/ Book Series:

The Vampire Diaries--L.J.Smith

The Night World series--L.J.Smith

Avalon High--Meg Cabot

Abandon--Meg Cabot

Airhead series--Meg Cabot

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Twerdette Twerdette 12 January 2011


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