Caroline Forbes


May 10, 1992 (age 18 as of 2010)

Hair Color

Auburn Red

Eye Color





Werewolf (Formerly Human)


Various werewolf abilities (wolf physiology, wolf form, enhanced strength, enhanced senses, enhanced speed, shapeshifting, enhanced reflexes, enhanced bite, enhanced durability, enhanced stamina, enhanced agility, enhanced jump, lunar empowerment, claw retraction, lycanthropic infection, healing factor, animal communication and empathy, enhanced endurance, enhanced hearing, enhanced sight, enhanced touch, enhanced taste, invulnerability, night vision, enhanced smell, predator instinct)

Caroline Forbes (Full Name: Caroline Beula Forbes) is a female character and a supporting character of The Vampire Diaries novel series. She is the old childhood friend turned rival-enemy of Elena Gilbert. She is an eighteen year old human girl (although,m she later becomes a werewolf after becoming pregnant with Tyler Smallwood's unborn twin children) living in the supernatural town of Fell's Church along with Elena Gilbert, Bonnie MacCullough, Meredith Sulez and Matt Honeycutt. She is also the love interest of Tyler Smallwood. Caroline was also formerly good childhood friends with Bonnie MacCullough and Meredith Sulez since the first grade.

Caroline and Elena used to be the closest of friends growing up since kindergarten, but the two girls became intense rivals and each other's competition in terms of popularity, boys and social status at their high school. She is in frequent competition with Elena for the title of "Queen of Robert E. Lee High." Caroline has shown that she is threatened by and extremely jealous and envious of Elena's popularity and beauty. Caroline was very jealous, resentful, envious and angered that Stefan Salvatore, the new, mysterious and extremely handsome new foreign student at Robert E. Lee High, whom every girl in all of the high school tried to gain the attention of, chose Elena over her. Because of Stefan's rejection of her, Caroline had plotted to get revenge alongside Tyler, by stealing Elena's personal diary to help to expose Elena's thoughts and secrets at the Founder's Day parade. But her plot with Tyler had backfired on her and she ended up humiliated in the end. Stefan first dated Caroline while attending the Homecoming Dance, while he was trying to stay away from Elena due to his intense connection to her. Later on in the series, Caroline became pregnant by Tyler (who is a werewolf), she blamed Matt for forcing himself on her and claiming that Matt was the father instead of Tyler. However, she truthfully admits to Bonnie and Meredith that the real father of her unborn children is indeed Tyler. She is carrying twin children and she is possessed by Misao's malach. Caroline is currently attending Dalcrest College along with Elena, Stefan, Bonnie, Meredith, and Matt.

Physical Appearance Edit

Caroline is described to be as beautiful as a Vogue model: tall, well-built, and voluptuous, with a perfect bronze complexion that is maintained through bronzer or tan from a bottle. She has rich, glossy auburn-red hair, and her eyes are described as being very "catlike": slightly slanted and bright green in colour with thick, long eyelashes. Her clothing is stylish and trendy, but at times seductive to show off her voluptuous figure and her perfect bronze complexion.

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