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Christopher "Chris" Henderson is a main character of The Secret Circle. He is the twin brother of Doug Henderson as well as the older brother of the late Kori Henderson.


Early life[]

Due to the machinations of Black John, Chris and his twin brother Doug were born on November 17, 1976 to Carmen Henderson and an unnamed father. The strange circumstances of Chris and the Circle's births made the parents on Crowhaven Road realize Black John's true intentions, and on Imbolc Night, half of the parents died burning Black John alive. However, Chris' parents were among those who did not confront Black John and as a result, he and his siblings lost none of their parents.

As much as the parents and relatives of the Circle tried keeping them away from witchcraft, Chris and the others on Crowhaven Road were naturally drawn to magic. As they grew up, they formed a coven, but as they waited for Chris' younger sister Kori to turn fifteen, their Circle was incomplete.

The Initiation[]

The Captive[]

The Power[]


Physical appearance[]

Chris is devilishly handsome with dishevelled blond hair and blue-green eyes, identical to his twin brother and similar in appearance to his younger sister Kori.

Powers and abilities[]

The true extent of Chris' powers are unknown, as he is often seen using magic with the rest of the Circle. However, in the confrontation with Black John, Chris is seen invoking the power of thunder as his natural element.