Delos is a character in The Night World and a wild power.

Delos is the Vampire Prince, of the Dark Kingdom, a part of land that has been enclosed with magic spells so that humans cannot enter unless brought in. The kingdom runs like a medieval society with humans as slaves and vampires, witches, werewolves and shape shifters as masters. Humans are treated very poorly, many of them having been young and kidnapped from the modern world.

Delos has been trained since childhood in his wild power, taught that he is a weapon of mass destruction. Delos appears to be very cold and uncaring until he meets his soulmate Maggie Neely. From their connection he learns the value of life and humanity. During their encounters Delos also deals with the arrival of his great grandfather Hunter, who is desperate to take Delos out of the Dark Kingdom and into the modern world. Hunter wants to use Delos as a weapon and as an heir to his line, being that Delos' vampire blood is purer than any of Hunter's other descendants. Maggie tries to convince Delos that Hunter is not an ally but she faces many of Hunter's associates trying to get her out of the way. Delos tries to turn on his Great Grandfather but Hunter captures him, Maggie, and their friends including Aradia, a witch and plans to have them killed. Delos however uses his blue fire as a wild power and destroys Hunter. The Dark Kingdom recognizes Delos as their ruler and it is presumed a new order is resumed.

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