Eternity: A Vampire Love Story, is a planned novel, by L.J. Smith.


Eternity: A Vampire Love Story is the book I'm hoping to write after I finish Strange Fate. It is about Deirdre MacKenna, a girl who has just turned sixteen the day the book begins, and who doesn't realize that she has a herutage of witches, who only receive their powers, or learn about their history, at age sixteen.

That night there are unkind remarks at Deirdre's birthday party and she who is both sensitive and impulsive, runs away to her favorite spot by Eternity Lake, Spirit Rock. It's there that she meets one of two vampires who are going to change her life--completely. Calling on the power of Air for the first time, speaking a spell in Latin as if she understood it, and banishing the first vampire for at least a few hours are the signs that she's coming into her powers as a witch. So is the invisible charm of clear crystal (to represent air) that appears on an invisible necklace that she can't take off. If she is to follow her training she can master elements as strong as moonlight, but at the same time she is putting her life in danger,

for in this world, where vampires are almost exclusively make and witches are only female, a powerful vampire Lord Sable already wants her dead. As for his two young proteges that he sends to enslave or kill her--well, that doesn't quite work out the way Sable planned and we have another love triangle.

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