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Faye Chamberlain is a main character in The Secret Circle series. She is Diana Meade's cousin. Her father, Grant Chamberlain, died in a battle with Black John before she was born. In the series, it is implied that Faye and Diana were once one person named Kate but her soul split making Faye the dark side to Diana's light. She delights in terrorizing Cassie and uses cats spy on her to obtain valuable information that she uses to strengthen her hold on the girl. With this, and additional information about Cassie's relationship with Adam, Faye is able blackmail Cassie into stealing the crystal skull. Faye also uses Cassie as a swing vote and is able to become leader of the coven once she turns 17. While leading the coven Faye accidentally releases Black John from the skull. She also enjoys sexually assaulting young pizza delivery men, but when she has no boys to torment, she has a slight interest in Nick Armstrong.

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