Gabriel Wolfe is a character in the Dark Visions series of books. He has the power to take people's life energy, and is scared to hurt people so he is often a loner.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Gabriel has dark hair and dark grey eyes. His skin is pale and he's described to be handsome.


Due to his difficult past, Gabriel is a lonewolf (hence his last name) who pushes away those who would otherwise be considered his friends. At first, he is cold, ruthless and dislikes his comrades, especially Rob, and doesn't believe in relying on others. Though cocky and selfish, he begins to show signs that he does care for his allies, especially Kaitlyn. His early solution to situations that annoy or upset him is to distance himself. He may seem difficult to handle with but he can be reliable. It is revealed that he is unsocial and harsh because he's afraid he'll hurt someone. Throughout the series, he seems to only trust Kaitlyn and showed some interest in her when they met. Slowly he begins to fall in love with Kaitlyn but acts coldly towards her thinking she had betrayed him when she chose Rob and when she tricked him into thinking she loved him back. His love for her is described in a vulnerable, childlike way. He also hesitated when she offered him life energy, afraid he'll hurt her. When her entire mind and soul was on the edge of perishing, he willingly scarred himself with a tiny chip of a crystal to make contact with her through telepathy. In this event, he realizes that she hadn't betrayed him and was only protecting him. It is through this problem that he begins to show compassion and accepting the support and friendship of his comrades. He finds that Kaitlyn loves him back and they decide to be together.

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