Gillian Lennox





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Gary Fargeon/Angel (Cousin); Unnamed Mom and Dad


David Blackburn

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Dark Angel

Gillian is a character in The Night World. She is a witch, and a descendent of Hellewise. She is a lost descendent of the Harman's. Her cousin Gary Harman saved her from death. Her first appearance was in Dark Angel. She is a member of Circle Daybreak. Her soulmate is David Blackburn. She has three cousins, Thea, Blaise and Iliana.

Gillian appears to be a regular human when the story begins. All she wants is to be popular and to get David Blackburn to like her. She falls into a river on a cold winter day, and she dies. This is different from the rest of the Night World series because it includes an actual Guardian Angel, but she instead gets a fake angel, her cousin, Gary Fargeon. Gillian's Guardian Angel, or Angel he tells her to call him, makes her popular by telling her what to do, not because he can actually blend in with teenagers, but he was once a popular person himself. Gary tries to get Gillian to love him, but she discovers that David is actually her soulmate and her feelings for him are not just a normal high school romance.

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