Quinn is a character in The Night World series.

John Quinn used to be ruthless and vengeful. He hated almost everybody, humans in particular. When Quinn met Rashel Jordan though, he discovered feelings he had lost centuries ago. Feelings of respect, loneliness, and eventually, love. Now, Quinn has let his anger and hatred go. But he is still charming, a strong and strategic fighter, and sardonic to some.

The name ‘John’ is of Hebrew origin and means ‘the grace or mercy of the lord’. The surname ‘Quinn’ was very common in Ireland and Scotland during ancient times. It has two notable meanings. In Celtic, ‘Quinn’ means ‘wise’ and in Gaelic, ‘Quinn’ means ‘intelligent’. The character John Quinn is a made vampire who has been around for centuries and is thus portrayed as a wise man.

John Quinn: “That’s one thing I can count on. Your self-interest. You always look after Number One, don’t you?” Daughters of Darkness.

“I really think you’d better kill me now. Unless you’re too stupid or too scared. This wood won’t hold forever, you know. And when I get out, I’m going to use that sword on you.” The Chosen.

“If, you think that because I was a human once, I have any pity on them, you are very, very wrong. I hate humans more than I hate the Redferns.” The Chosen.

“I’m faster than any human. I’m stronger than any human. I can see better in the dark. And I’m much, much nastier.” The Chosen.

“Take your hands off her. Before I knock you through the wall.” The Chosen.

“The only other possibility is that I kill you. Better this way than that.” The Chosen.

“Besides, now that I have seen your face, I can’t stand the sight of myself in your eyes. I know what you think of me.” The Chosen.

“Don’t you understand? As long as you’re human, Night World law says you have to die if I love you. If I love you. And that’s the problem, of course. I do love you.” The Chosen.

“This is my soulmate. And we’re leaving together.” The Chosen.

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