Kaitlyn is a character in the Dark Visions trilogy. She is haunted by her ability to predict tragic events before they happen through her drawings. She can "see" terrible things happen but can only decipher her pictures after it happens. Joyce lured her to the Zetes Institute by the promise of learning to control her gift. Everyone at school believes she is a witch because of her smoky blue eyes and futuristic drawings.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Appearance-wise, Kaitlyn is beautiful and she knows that boys are only nice to her because of this. Her eyes are described of being a smoky blue, and no one else has eyes like hers. Kaitlyn's hair is described as being an autumn-fire colour, which she has inherited from her mother. Kaitlyn has a supple, willow-slim figure which her mother also passed on to her. Kaitlyn also inherited her mother's creamy Irish skin.


Kaitlyn starts off as a harsh, quiet and an introverted loner as no one ever invited her to any party because they believe she is a witch. She hates Pam and Marcy, and wants them both to die, but secretly wants to be friends with them. Kaitlyn sometimes uses her eyes as a weapon, seen when she glared at Chris Barnable. She is, however, caring, strong-minded and friendly. She has a devotion to her friends, because she didn't have many while growing up. She remains highly loyal to her friends and is always driven to protect those she cares about. Kaitlyn doesn't change completly-still retaining her sharp tongue and fierce characteristics, shown when she violently fought the red-haired man and when she striked Renny. Notably, Kaitlyn always stands her ground and never backs down from anyone. In addition, she can also be generous, as evidenced when she gave an old man her ham sandwhich. She slowly begins to deeply care about Gabriel, even admitting it when he was consuming life energy from a girl, and often worries about him and eventually falling in love with him when he saved her. At the institute she makes some friends; Gabriel, Rob , Anna , and Lewis .

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