Katherine is a character in The Vampire Diaries. She is the former lover of both Stefan and Damon Salvatore. She turned both of the Salvatore brothers into vampires. She was turned into a vampire by Klaus.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Katherine was described as being very beautiful and elegant. She looked almost exactly like Elena, but there were subtle differences between the two. Katherine had a very pale, flawless complexion, like Elena's. Katherine also had porcelain skin similar to Elena's.

Katherine had long, blonde hair like Elena, but unlike Elena's, her hair was curly and wavy rather than straight. Katherine's hair was also a few shades darker than Elena's, and her eyebrows were silvery rather than a darker blonde. Katherine's hair was also very long, reaching past her height and trailing behind her on the floor. Elena actually mistakes this for a train gown. Katherine's eyes were the color of Lapis lazuli, the same color as Elena's eyes, but Katherine's eyes were much bluer than Elena's, and her eyes resembled a kitten's eyes: round and blue.

A quote from The Awakening describes Stefan's thoughts on Elena's eyes: "...And the eyes. Katherine's eyes had been a color he had never seen before; darker than sky blue, as rich as the Lapis lazuli in her jeweled headband."


Katherine was born to Baron Von Swartzschild and Elizabeth Morrow in the fifteenth century. She had a terminal illness; she was too weak to move. Her father was devastated. Katherine's maid, Gudren, sought out a man named Klaus; he was feared by all the villages and known as a vampire. Klaus turned Katherine into a vampire, and she recovered from her sickness. Her father took her to Italy to cheer her up; there she met Stefan Salvatore and fell in love with him.


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