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Mary-Lynnette Carter





Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color

Dark Blue




Mark Carter-Mark Carter


Ash Redfern

First Appearance

Daughters of Darkness

Mary-Lynnette is a character in The Night World series.

Mary-Lynnette Carter is not your usual girl. She likes the peace and quiet of night and would rather spend her Friday nights star-watching than attending parties and making out with boys. Mary-Lynnette is intelligent. She believes education is very important. And, having matured early to take care of her father and brother after her mother died, Mary-Lynnette has become a responsible and serious person. Sometimes it is hard for her to be laid back. She is constantly thinking of the future. Mary-Lynnette is caring, sincere, and loyal. Rowan Redfern says she is also a good listener. Mary-Lynnette is very protective of her loved ones.

Mary-Lynnette Has her soulmate, Ash Redfern and Blood sisters, Kestrel Redfern, Rowan Redfern and Jade Redfern. Her real brothers soulmate is Jade Redfern, Ash's little sister.


The name ‘Mary-Lynnette’ has been separated into its two components. The name ‘Mary’ has a couple of different origins and meanings. In Hebrew, ‘Mary’ means ‘bitter’ or ‘rebellious’. In ancient Egyptian, it means ‘beloved’. Meanwhile, the name ‘Lynnette’ means ‘lake’. The surname ‘Carter’ means ‘one who uses a cart’. It is more likely that L. J. Smith chose these names for the character Mary-Lynnette Carter for no obvious reason.

Some Quotes by Mary-Lynnette Carter:

“They call me Mary-Lynnette. That do speak of me.” - Daughters of Darkness

“Ash? Get bent and die.”  - Daughters of Darkness

“Don’t you see? We’ve gotten mixed up in this Night World – and it’s a place where bad things can happen. Not just bad like 'flunking a class. Bad like... Like getting killed dead. And that’s serious, Mark. It’s not like the movies.” - Daughters of Darkness

But we’re not kids. We can’t be like Jade and Mark, and just hold hands and giggle and never think about t he future.” - Daughters of Darkness

If we’ve got forever, then you can give me time. Go back and wander a little. Take a look at the Night World and make sure you want to give it up." - Daughters of Darkness

“Take a look at humans and make sure you want to be tied to one of them.” - Daughters of Darkness