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Witch - Lamia Vampire


Hecate (Mother); Hellewise (Sister); Redfern (Son)


Night World

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Maya is a character in Soulmate, The Night World. She is the first vampire and the ancestress of the vampire clan. She has hunted Hannah Snow in every one of her lives, killing her each time and making it seem as if Thierry did it.

As she is the first vampire she has abilities that other vampires don't, such as being able to shapeshift into anything she pleases. This is because her blood is much stronger than other vampires. However, her one weakness is her inability to give up and let things go, and it's for this reason that the Old Soul Hannah Snow is able to kill her.

How Maya Became A Vampire.

She became a vampire through a spell that created immortality. Originally she was a witch, but her thirst for immortality was what fueled her, and when she found the correct spell, she sacrificed four babies and drank their blood but found that she had to keep drinking blood.

(Described by Hannah.) "Because Maya had finally found the right spell to achieve immortality. The problem was that to do it, she had to steal the babies of the tribe. All four of them. She took them out to the forest, did the spell, and drank their blood."

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