All characters who don't warrant a page of their own because there's not enough information about them should be listed here.


Aba is Dee's grandmother.She is beautiful, just like Dee, and is very wise. 

Angela SeecombeEdit

At first only known to Jenny as "the Crying Girl" after she anonymously accuses Jenny of lying about what happened to Summer, Angela is a friend of P.C's, and is ultimately the person who leads Jenny and Dee to the remains of the paper house in The Chase.

Bill and Lily TaylorEdit

Bill and Lily are Zach's parents, and Jenny's uncle and aunt.

Brian DettlingerEdit

Jenny's date to the senior prom in The Chase.

Bruce LockeEdit

Bruce is Tom's older brother, a policeman.

Cam Parker-PiersonEdit

Summer's ten-year-old brother.

The Creeper and The Lurker

The Creeper and The Lurker are a shadow snake and wolf respectively.

Eric RankinEdit

Audrey's date to the senior prom in The Chase. He is attacked by The Lurker.

Gordie Wilson

Gordie is killed by the Lurker or the Creeper (or both) while he is hunting rabbits in chapter one of The Chase.

Grandpa EvensonEdit

Jenny's grandfather. He was the person who summoned the Shadow Men, including Julian, into our world. He imprisoned them in a closet in his basement. When Jenny accidentally released them, he offered his life to spare her own. In The Kill, we find that he has been imprisoned in the Shadow Men's amusement park, as part of a fortune-telling machine. Jenny breaks the machine, allowing him to die, and therefore be free of his punishment.

Greg LockeEdit

Greg is Tom's older brother. When they were children, Greg's pet rat ate Tom's pet turtle out of its shell.

Joey ThorntonEdit

Jenny's younger brother.

Kiah EliadeEdit

Kiah is Dee's younger sister.

Mrs. DurashEdit

The caretaker for Jenny's grandparents' house.

Mr. and Mrs. Parker-PiersonEdit

Summer's parents. They are described as being "refugees from the sixties."

Mr. and Mrs. Jim ThorntonEdit

Jenny's parents.

P.C. and Slug

P.C. and Slug (aka P.C. Serrani and Scott Martell, respectively) are two boys who steal the game from Jenny's house at the end of The Hunter. According to Julian, they free him from the closet in the paper house, but run out and are captured by the other Shadowmen. Their heads are stuck in an arcade machine at Joyland Park. Slug's body attacks Dee at the Fish Pond game, and seems to be controlled by the Shadowmen. Jenny frees both boys at the end of The Kill, allowing them to die.

The PsychicEdit

The unnamed psychic in The Chase who tells Jenny she has a message for her from "the faery folk," a.k.a. Julian: The misheard "vanished." She was called in to help find Summer. She has frosted blonde hair, wears ropes of gold chains, is from Beverly Hills, and wears Giorgio perfume. She believes faeries to "creatures of light and happiness."

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