All characters who don't warrant a page of their own because there's not enough information about them should be listed here.

The Awakening & The StruggleEdit

  • Baron von Swartzschild, Katherine's father [The Awakening, chapter 3]
  • Michael Martin, a conquest of Elena's that Bonnie swiped [The Awakening, chapter 4]
  • Frances Decatur, the "hanger-on" Elena enlists to steal Stefan's class schedule [The Awakening, chapter 2]
  • Mr. Shelby, Robert E. Lee High School's janitor [The Awakening, chapter 10]
  • Mrs. Clarke, Robert E. Lee High School's admissions secretary [The Awakening, chapter 2]
  • Mrs. Endicott, Robert E. Lee High School's biology teacher [The Awakening, chapter 2]
  • Ms. Halpern, Robert E. Lee High School's trigonometry teacher [The Awakening, chapter 2]

The Fury & Dark ReunionEdit

  • Deanna Kennedy, a friend of Sue Carson [Dark Reunion, chapter 3]
  • Douglas Carson, Sue's married older brother [The Fury, chapter 5]
  • Mike Feldman, student with a parakeet [The Fury, chapter 10]

The Return: NightfallEdit

The Return: Shadow SoulsEdit

The Return: MidnightEdit

  • Madame le Princesse Jessalyn D'Aubigne [The Return: Midnight chapter 10] (I thought I had to include her since she's on the cover. It could be one of the Guardians)
  • Gwen Sawicki, Matt's attorney [The Return: Midnight chapter 22]
  • Cole Reece, 13-yr-old neighbor of Matt [The Return: Midnight chapter 18]
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