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Morgead is a character in The Night World.

Morgead Blackthorn is introduced in the first chapter of Huntress as Jezebel Redfern's second-in-command. He is part of an all-lamia gang that hunts down other human gangs and murders them. Jez herself describes Morgead as "...her worst enemy. He was conceited, hot-headed, stubborn, and power-hungry--and it didn't help that he was always saying she was those things, too."

Morgead and Jez have a complicated relationship in the beginning of Huntress. According to the book, they met when they were children and instantly became best friends. Gradually, however, their friendship morphed into a friendly kind of rivalry, and eventually, they grew to hate each other. Pierce, a member of their gang, describes their actions as " married"--much to the two's outrage. Morgead is sarcastic and un-trusting. He is heart-broken when Jez abandons the gang without explanation, and when she returns a whole year later, his first reaction is to work himself into one of his "Extremely Excited States". His rage at Jez's actions is perhaps partly due to the fact that his mother abandoned him for a vampire from Europe when he was barely old enough to care for himself.

Morgead is reintroduced in Huntress when he tries to bargain with Hunter Redfern into giving him a seat on the Night World Joint Council--in return, he would present Hunter with the Wild Power, whom he believes is a human girl named Iona Skelton. Unfortunately Morgead's "test" to prove that she is indeed the first Wild Power go horribly wrong. Iona, instead of using her legendary blue fire to put out the flames surrounding her, jumps off the roof, and Morgead follows her and Jez, proving that maybe he isn't as heartless as he pretends.

When he discovers Jez is a member of Circle Daybreak, he works himself into another one of these "Extremely Excited States", stating that Jez is an idiot, because Circle Daybreak was going to lose. But he sticks with her, because the idea that they loved each other had finally been pounded into their thick skulls. When Jez is dying, Morgead uses the silver cord connect them together and pulls her back into the world of the living.

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