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Poppy North





Hair Color

Coppery Red

Eye Color



Human, Made Vampire, lost Witch


Phil North-Brother


James Rasmussen

First Appearance

Secret Vampire

Poppy North is a character in The Night World series.She is the main protagonist in Secret Vampire, the first book in L.J. Smith's The Night World series. She is discribed as being an elfin-sized girl with coppery colored hair that curls around her face. Before she is turned into a vampire she had four and a half freckles on her nose. Her soulmate is James Rasmussen and she is the only person alowed to call him "Jamie".

In Secret Vampire, Poppy gets cancer, and James visits her telling her she is his soulmate and he's always loved her. He makes her into a vampire. They have to fake her death, with the help of her brother.

At the end, Poppy finds out she is a witch when James's cousin, Ash, says she has really loud telepathy. Poppy and James go to live with her father, when they will them tell him he has powers, and he is a person of the night world.

When she is told that if she stays with James Rasmussen, Night People will hunt him down and kill him. Poppy, not wanting to hurt James, goes with Ash Redfern to Las Vegas.

The end of the story is in fact a mystery because the most likely questions would be " What type of Night World people do James, Poppy, and her father encounter? And what will happen to Phil, if not anything at all? When do they join the Circle Daybreak?" All these questions are acceptable because this is the first book of the Night World series, and you do see Poppy and James in Circle Daybreak in soulmate, along with the rest of the characters.