Thierry Descouedres is a character in The Night World series.

Thierry is the secret establisher of Circle Daybreak and a Lord of the Night World, the first ever made vampire, changed by Maya herself, shortly after she had performed the spell that granted her immortality. He was born Theorn, to the tribe led by Hecate's daughters, Maya and Hellewise, both of whom were interested in him.

When Theorn was fully converted to a vampire, he attempted to live without satiating his thirst for blood, until he lost his self-control on a girl of a nearby tribe. The tribesmen captured Theorn and held him until Hana of the Three Rivers freed him. The tribesmen attempted to capture him again, and struck him with their spears repeatedly. As wood is the only way to kill a vampire, all this resulted in was Theorn lashing out and killing almost every member of the tribe, including the girl who tried to save him. He has nearly totally drained her when he realizes what he's doing and regains his self-control, brushing her cheek with his thumb (coated with her blood) in the process.

In Hana's dying eyes he sees the future they should have had together, as they were soulmates. He leaves her body with one of the few remaining members of her tribe and returns to Hellewise. After assuring her he means her people no harm, she casts a spell that allows for Theorn to sleep while Hana's soul heals from the damage done in their lifetime, and wake up once she is finally reincarnated. Theorn, who changes names frequently at this point, searches for Hana in every one of her lives, but the jealous Maya kills her using his likeness each time.

When the cycle finally ends in Soulmate, Thierry offers to change Hana (now Hannah Snow) into a vampire, but she declines, seeing a future where she grows old with Thierry and dies, only to reincarnate and be with him again. She hopes that over time, the sadness in Thierry's eyes will finally fade.

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